Ozone Therapy: What It Is and How It Works


Ozone therapy raises the amount of oxygen in the blood, which oxygenates all the tissues in the body. You can use it to treat aging and diseases that get worse over time, among other things. 

Ozone therapy has been studied and used for over a hundred years, and its effects are safe and effective. Today, Body Hack RX will help you understand more about Ozone Therapy. How can it help you, and how it works? Check out this blog post. 

All About Ozone Therapy

Oxygen therapies can help the body heal in positive ways. Ozone therapies and intense ultraviolet blood irradiation can fill the bloodstream with oxygen, killing infections caused by bacteria, fungi, and viruses.

Also, when people have cardiovascular disease, the blood flow seems to improve, and many say that their symptoms improve. These treatments are very safe, and our clinic in Clearwater gives them to hundreds of people year.

Unlike oxygen in the air (O2), ozone is an “activated” form of oxygen with three oxygen atoms (O3), which makes it more energetic and oxidative. Because of these things, ozone is beneficial for healing. 

At BodyhackRX, we use Blood Bypass, IV Ozone, and Rectal Insufflation to give people Ozone Therapy. One round of Medical Ozone Therapy usually takes between 30 and 45 minutes. Ozone therapy usually takes more than one session because the effects happen slowly.

More Details About Ozone Therapy

When ozone gets inside the body, it does four main things. Here’s what you need to remember.

It’s a Natural Detoxifier

Ozone, like water, air, and swimming pools, can clean your body. It can stick to toxins because it has more negative ions than average. 

Since most environmental toxins and heavy metals have a positive charge, the ozone binds to them and cancels out their mission. This makes them something that our bodies can no longer be hurt by, and our bodies can then get rid of them.

Natural Ways To Fight Viruses & Fungi

When these organisms come in contact with ozone, they blow up and die. Ozone is about 4,500 times more effective than chlorine bleach at killing these organisms. Also, chlorine bleach is hazardous to the body, while ozone is not.

It Helps The Immune System Naturally

In the same way that the body’s immune system makes its ozone to protect and heal itself, putting medical ozone into the body helps the immune system protect you better.

It also controls the inflammation and makes it less severe. Studies have shown that ozone therapy is an excellent way to get rid of cytokines that cause inflammation in the body. Ozone Therapy also reduces inflammation and is a crucial part of treating any disease.

It Turns Mitochondria On

The parts of the cell that make energy are called mitochondria. Ozone allows them to start over and produce more power, often making them lose fat.

Ozone Therapy helps make the blood healthier. It makes the blood cells work better, cleans the blood, improves circulation and cell metabolism, and tends to lower the amount of uric acid in the body.

What Else Ozone Therapy Can Do for You

Ozone therapy is an ideal, powerful treatment and healing method that anyone with long-term or short-term health problems should consider.

Ozone treatment can quickly improve the immune system, help the body eliminate harmful pathogens, and clean the body of toxins.

Ozone Therapy Helping The Body Heal

As mentioned above, this therapy prevents blood cells from getting stuck together, improving blood flow and oxygen supply, lowering uric acid, killing viruses, bacteria, and fungi, and making white blood cells work better.

Preparing For Ozone Therapy

Talk to your doctor or nurse about preparing for your treatment. They might use ozone therapy by taking some of your blood, mixing it with ozone gas, and giving it back to you.

If ozone therapy is done with your blood, get a lot of sleep the night before and eat a healthy breakfast the morning of your blood draw. 

Cost & Ideal Candidate

It can be hard to guess how much ozone therapy will cost because each treatment is different and depends on your medical condition and how long it will last.

Aftercare For Ozone Therapy

Most of the time, there is no downtime with IV ozone therapy. Some people will feel the effects of IV ozone therapy right away, while others will handle them in a few days to a week. Ozone therapy has few side effects, so you can leave the clinic and go to work right away.

Ozone Therapy at Body Hack RX. 

If you want to test it by yourself and give it a try, don’t hesitate to reach out and call us. Ozone therapy can be the best solution you’ve been finding for so long. 

Still, some people are against ozone therapy, but it might work. There are plans for new clinical trials to test how ozone therapy can be used.

The FDA does not allow ozone therapy to be used to treat diseases. It has also been said that no known practical medical application exists for ozone.

There also needs to be more considerable, long-term studies to know about all the harmful effects that could happen. Again, at Body Hack RX, Your needs come first. So, our goal is to help as many people as possible live healthier, more productive lives without drugs or surgeries they don’t need. 

We give you natural ways to improve your health and help you change your lifestyle. We respect the body’s natural ability to heal itself and try to teach our clients and the community so they can help other people live better lives.

Call us at (305) 239-5315 or visit us in Fort Lauderdale, Florida. We are always happy to assist you and create better plans to achieve the best health and aesthetic goals for yourself! You can also avail of our NeurotoxinDermal Filler, and Kybella services.

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